Tax Investigations - Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need protection?

Any client can be selected for enquiry by HMRC. The Revenue estimates that the gap between what they are due and what is collected is around £40 billion which is why they are knuckling down and becoming ever more aggressive on compliance.

What can I be expected to provide?

Justification of your accounts, income and lifestyle are the main areas which you will be questioned on. Many people are shocked by the type of questions they are asked as well as the fact that you’ll have to prove your innocence rather than the inspector proving his case.

How long can an investigation last?

A typical investigation can last for 19 months, however, many can last years due to disputes.

Is professional representation necessary?

Yes, when dealing with a highly trained inspector, professional representation and advice is essential. A proper defence is likely to result in success rather than an expensive tax bill!



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