Exit Strategy

There will come a point when you decide that it is time for you to stop working in your business. While planning is important when you first establish your business, planning how you will exit your business is equally important.

Whether this is through selling your business, transferring it to your family, or another option, Westwaters can help you decide on the best exit strategy for you. We will help you plan this well in advance to maximise the return you make, and to make it as tax efficient as possible for you.

Some of the issues we will help you consider are:

• Passing on your business to your children or other family members, or a family trust
• Selling your share in the business to your co-owners or partners
• Selling your business to some or all of your employees
• Selling the business to a third party
• Public flotation or sale to a public company
• Winding up your business
• Minimising your tax liability

It’s sensible to put your exit strategy in your business plan and review it annually. That way you can ensure the business is on track to achieve what you really need from it. If you need any more information dont hesitate to contact us.











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