For Business Start-Ups

Starting-up your business comes with many challenges and things to think about. We can help you explore all of the things you need to consider when starting your new venture. We can advise you on your business planning, financial forecasting and much more.

Starting Up Your Business

We cover many topics which may come up when starting your business from the business plan to raising the finance for it to go ahead.

Initial Considerations

In order to make your business a success there are a number of key factors which should be considered. Westwaters can help you explore them all including the commitment and skill you will need.

Directors Responsibilities

The position of director brings both rewards and responsibilities upon an individual, we can help you learn and grow into the best you can be.

IR35 Personal Service Company

The ‘IR35′ rules are designed to prevent the avoidance of tax and national insurance contributions (NICs) through the use of personal service companies and partnerships.

Introduction to VAT

VAT registered businesses act as unpaid tax collectors and are required to account both promptly and accurately for all the tax revenue collected by them.


How can we help?

We are a proactive firm of accountants who can assist you in all your financial needs in a friendly, efficient and professional manner.

Building partnerships, listening to your needs, and implementing a solid financial strategy is the backbone of our practice. 

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