R&D Tax Credits for SME's

Is your business incorporated, with a liability for UK corporation tax?

Has your business been involved in the creation of new products, processes or services?

If so you could qualify for significant relief or credits.

What costs are claimable?

Payroll, software, materials, utilities and subcontracting costs.

What are they worth?

Every £1000 of costs attributable to R&D attracts an enhancement of 230%
For example; £100,000 of costs enhanced by £130,000 = £26,000 credit or relief, assuming corporation tax at 20%. Losses can be surrendered at 14.5% yielding a credit of £18,850 given the above costs.

For what periods can I claim?

You have 2 years from the y/end in which the costs have been made to make a claim.
E.G Y/end 31/12 ; 12/13 and 13/14 expenditure must be claimed before 31/12/15

Who can claim?

R&D can apply to any business in any sector, it is more likley to be found in manufacturing engineering, software development, biotech or pharmaceuticals but successful claims have also been made in construction, transport, agriculture and countless others.
Even HMRC believe that there are thousands of qualifying businesses unaware of their entitlement.

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